18KT PER 10 GRAM GOLD RATE = ₹ 38,780
22KT PER 10 GRAM GOLD RATE = ₹ 47,390
24KT PER 10 GRAM GOLD RATE = ₹ 51,700
SILVER PER 10 GRAM = ₹ 640
Updated on : Jun,25 2022 | Time : 10:22 AM | Valid Till : 12PM

Gullak Wealth Creation Scheme

Binding the Knot of Trust with Gullak 10+1 Monthly Saving Scheme

Indulge your savings into a golden harvest through our Gullak Scheme, an economical and prudent way of increasing your assets. Be it your daughter’s wedding, anniversaries, birthday or your family’s traditional occasions, jewellery purchase requires a lot of thought and planning. Therefore, it makes sense to opt for Gullak Scheme to accumulate your wealth to own your dream jewellery without any financial burden.

About Gullak Scheme

Through our Gullak Scheme, you can own your dream jewellery with small investments every month. Gullak scheme is a kind of monthly saving scheme that allows you to bring home your next family heirloom after 11 (10+1) months.

Kind of jewellery you can invest in:
  • Mountains
  • Mountains
  • Mountains
  • Mountains
  • Mountains
Note: You can’t opt Gullak wealth creation scheme for gold and silver coins.


Opt for 10 Subscriptions of this Gullak wealth creation scheme and Your Last Subscription will be FREE! Save as little as Rs. 2000 every month.

Who can take part in Gullak Wealth Creation Scheme?

People of all ages and income levels can take part in this scheme and plan their jewellery purchase. This flexible scheme endeavors to make it easier for you to make a safe and secure investment in gold & diamond jewellery.

Make a smart decision! Set aside funds for buying your gold and diamond jewellery. You may enroll for purchasing any design at any showroom of Manohar Lal Jewellers in India or enroll yourself online through our website using the form below.

We, at Manohar Lal Jewellers, believe in offering exquisite collections that showcase the finest of craftsmanship & opulence since 1930.

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