18KT PER 10 GRAM GOLD RATE = ₹ 38,780
22KT PER 10 GRAM GOLD RATE = ₹ 47,390
24KT PER 10 GRAM GOLD RATE = ₹ 51,700
SILVER PER 10 GRAM = ₹ 640
Updated on : Jun,25 2022 | Time : 10:22 AM | Valid Till : 12PM

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Gullak Scheme Terms & Conditions

  1. This contract which is named Gullak (Jewellery Buying Contract), has been introduced by Manohar Lal Sarraf & Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. to facilitate customers to make payment of the cost of Jewellery through 10 equal monthly subscriptions and after completion of 10 monthly subscriptions which are paid regularly on or before each due date, the Gullak subscriber gets discount benefit equivalent to the amount of monthly subscriptions after one month from the date of payment of 10thth

    Further, every subscription to remain with Manohar Lal Sarraf and Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. for 30 days so as to be eligible to get the benefit of one 13. subscription i.e., 11th subscription contribution by Manohar Lal Sarraf and Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

  2. This contract is applicable to the scheme of 10 months' regular subscription paid on or before each due date, i.e., the subscriber has to subscribe equal amount for 10 months regularly to be eligible for a discount at the time of purchase of Jewellery after 30 days from the date of 10th

  3. Jewellery Buying Contract is a monthly contribution plan where the subscriber is eligible for a discount after 30 days of payment of 10th

  4. The member willing to join the scheme shall provide a copy of his/her Photo ID proof like Driving License/Passport/Voter ID/Aadhaar Card.

  5. The Gullak can be taken in the name of Individual, Karta of HUF and in the name of minor represented by the guardian. In case of minors, the PAN and Photo ID of the guardian is to be given.

  6. Please note that submission of a copy of PAN Card and one Cancelled cheque for bank details is mandatory and required to be submitted at the time of subscribing to the GULLAK (JEWELLERY BUYING CONTRACT).

  7. This contract is non-transferable.

  8. One can subscribe to this Contract with a minimum amount of Rs. 2000/- and can also contribute any higher monthly subscription amount rounded off in thousands say Rs. 3000/-, 4000/-,20000/ etc.

  9. Any person willing to participate in this monthly subscription scheme can join on any day of the month ie., on any day between 1" day to the last day of the month. The next due date will be exactly after 30 days from the date of joining the scheme. However, any subscriber can remit the future monthly contribution before the due date ie, advance subscription.

  10. The mode of monthly subscription can be via cash, Cheques, PDC's, Credit Card or online money transfers.

    The mode of monthly subscription can be via cash, Cheques, PDC's, Credit Card or online money transfers.

    Only full agreed monthly subscription will be accepted Le.. part amount is not accepted.

    Monthly subscription amount should be paid regularly on or before the due date. Where the payment is made by cheque/bank draft it must be received in the account of Manohar Lal Sarraf & Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. on or before the due date. In case of bouncing of cheque or non-receipt of subscription before the due date, the membership of the subscriber stands canceled and the amount subscribed so far would be refunded with no benefit. However, cheque bouncing charges etc. levied by the bank would be recovered.

    Further, if the subscriber decides to rescind/ discontinue the Gullak contract i.e., decides not to continue at any point, the full accumulated amount subscribed by the Gullak subscriber at the time of rescinding/discontinuing of Gullak contract, would be refunded and he/she would not be eligible for any benefit under the Gullak contract.

  11. The subscriber will get a passbook at the time of opening of Gullak to keep a record of the monthly subscriptions paid.

    • This subscriber passbook is non-transferable.

    • Payment receipts will be issued for each subscription.

    • Discrepancy if any, must be brought to management's notice for rectification immediately.

    • In case of Loss of Passbook, it should be reported immediately. A sum of Rs 100/- will be charged for the issuance of a duplicate passbook.

    • The original passbook is to be surrendered at the time of purchasing the Jewellery/termination of the contract.

  12. Contract will mature after 30 days of the receipt of the last monthly subscription i.e., 10ththth

  13. The subscription of Gullak (Jewellery Buying Contract) can be redeemed or closed only when the subscribing member visits the showroom.

    • The member who signed the Gullak (Jewellery Buying Contract) application form is required to sign the Retail Sale Invoice at the time of purchase. In case of his/her inability to visit for making a purchase his/her is authorized to appoint any person to make purchases against the subscribed amount only when the authorized person submits the letter of authority containing his signatures attested by the Gullak member and also permitting him to sign Retail Sale Invoice on his behalf. The authority holder is required to submit his/her identity proof.

    • In case the subscriber has not nominated any person to claim proceeds of Gullak then in the event of his/her sad demise, a claim made by any other person(s) on behalf of the deceased will not be entertained.

      However, the Legal heirs may claim the Gullak amount after giving sufficient evidence about the death of the subscriber and bringing two guarantors to identify claimants as legal heirs. The legal heirs can authorize one of the legal heirs to claim Gullak proceeds on their behalf.

    • In case of where the Gullak subscriber has Nominated a person to collect Gullak proceeds in case of his/her demise the amount would be paid to the Nominee under intimation to Legal heirs. However, the Nominee is entitled to get his/her name substituted in the scheme in place of the deceased subscriber.

  14. The benefits of this scheme cannot be availed with any other benefit if extended by the company.

  15. In case, a member wants to purchase 24kt. or 22kt Gold Bars or Medallions, against Gullak proceeds half of making charges will be charged and the benefits will not be available.

  16. In case of any change of contact details/bank details, the subscriber is required to intimate the concerned showroom within one week from the date of change of their contact/bank details.

  17. This Contract is sponsored by Manohar Lal Sarraf & Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. who reserves the right to alter the privileges of the Contract or suspend the Contract at any time. A notice to this effect would be displayed in the showroom which would be sufficient as Intimation to the subscriber for the change. In such an event, the member may purchase any jewellery item at the M/s Manohar Lal Sarraf & Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. outlet where they are members of the Jewellery Buying Contract, only equal to the accumulated amount as on that date of purchase. The member will not be entitled to any benefit.

    The decision of the management of Manohar Lal Sarraf & Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. will be final with respect to the Gullak Contract.

    Jewellery Buying Contract is a 10 month (300days) contract, Customers can avail the discount on 330thth

  18. Proposed subscribers are requested to read the terms and conditions thoroughly and can seek any clarification before signing the Contract.

  19. We have understood that Gullak is a Jewellery Buying Contract through 10 monthly subscriptions where we have chosen to buy ticked item/items at the time of purchase i.e. (1) Ring (2) Bangle (3) Chain (4) Necklace Set (5) Ear Ring (6) Tika (7) Nose Pin (8) Bracelet (9) Pendent (10) Najjaria (11) Mangal Sutra or any other item.

Termination & Suspension

You agree that we may terminate or suspend your access to and use of the websites if we reasonably believe that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these Terms of Use, or violated the rights of Manohar Lal Sarraf & Sons Jewellers Private Limited, its affiliated companies or any third party, with or without notice to you. You agree that Manohar Lal Sarraf & Sons Jewellers Private Limited will not be liable to you or any third party as a result of such modification or discontinuation.

Applicable Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Delhi Court Jurisdiction without reference to conflict of laws provisions. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in relation to the Terms of Use, including the validity, invalidity, breach or termination thereof, shall be adjudicated or arbitrated in accordance with said Terms of Use.

Contact Us

For any queries regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us at the following:

Email Id: crm@manoharlal.com
Phone No.: 01140444444
Office Address: B-78, Bhishma Pitamah Marg, Block B, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024.

Updates to Terms and Conditions

Manohar Lal Jewellers reserves the right to update the terms & conditions anytime without giving any prior notice for the same.

Users are requested to be solely responsible for keeping themselves updated from time to time.

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